Excursion to Evia

Limni Evia, Lake Evia

Excursion to Evia

The journey to Limni Evia and the Monastery of Saint David was a unique experience filled with discoveries and emotions that will accompany us forever. Together with our group from America, we sought culture and tranquility in this unique part of Greece.

Our group consists of friends who share a love for travel and exploring new destinations. As we prepared to embark on this journey, the anticipation of the surprises that awaited us was inspiring. Traveling to Limni Evia and the Monastery of Saint David, we savored every moment and experience.


Our transportation was provided by a comfortable minibus with 13 seats, which offered us the necessary comfort and safety during our journey. As we set off from our city, we felt the sense of adventure unfolding before us.

Along our route, we made various stops to further enjoy the journey and discover the secrets and beauties of Evia. Our first stop was in Nea Artaki, where we enjoyed a coffee by the harbor, admiring the tranquility of the sea and savoring the beautiful weather.

Next, we made a stop for pilgrimage at Prokopi Evia, at the Church of Saint John the Russian, seeking moments of peace and spiritual renewal.

After this spiritual experience, we continued our journey towards Limni Evia, a place full of natural beauty and peace.

Our journey concluded in Rovies, where we found refuge at Lappas rooms. There, we enjoyed a meal at “Litsa’s Grill,” tasting delicious local flavors offered by regional products and experiencing the authentic taste of Greece.

With these interesting stops along our route, our transportation was not just a journey but an experience of exploration and discovery.


For our accommodation, we chose Lappas rooms, an accommodation that offered us an exceptional hospitality experience. As we arrived at the accommodation, we were greeted with a sense of warmth and hospitality that made us feel at home.

The rooms were comfortable and clean, providing us with everything we needed for a comfortable stay. The view towards the sea offered us unforgettable scenes and moments of relaxation.

After a day filled with exploration and discoveries, it was the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the spacious and welcoming atmosphere of Lappas rooms.

Exploring Limni Evia:

The village of Limni Evia is a unique area that combines the mountain with the sea, offering a spectacular combination of natural beauty. Along the village, we enjoyed the azure of the Evian Gulf, while facing a natural bay that protects the village from the weather conditions, explaining why it was named Limni (Lake).

The Evian Gulf is also known for its rich fauna, renowned for the presence of protected animals such as the Mediterranean monk seal, dolphins, and occasionally whales, due to the depth of the sea there, reaching up to 310 meters. In front of the coastline, we encountered jetties with local shops, while towards the end of the village, we found a picturesque harbor full of fishing boats.

During our walks along the sea, we discovered the unique landscapes of the area. From the harbor, we could see the village’s school, overlooking the entire Evian Gulf, while behind it lies the chapel of Saint Athanasius at an altitude of about 300 meters.

With each step, we had the opportunity to discover the history and natural beauty that make Lake Evia an unforgettable destination for every traveler.

Visiting the Monastery of Saint David:

The Monastery of Saint David highlights an ancient spiritual heritage. During our visit, the experience was a fascinating encounter with the history and spiritual legacy of monastic life.

The monastery complex provides an impressive panorama, with the church standing out in the center. The beautiful ossuary houses the relics of Saint David, instilling reverence for the Saint.

The story of Saint David reveals a journey of spiritual awakening and dedication to the Divine. Born in Gardinitza, he was led into God’s service from a very young age, demonstrating miraculous abilities and spiritual wisdom.

The development of the monastery, during the time Saint Jacob Tsalikis was there, constitutes a period of highly blessed spiritual revival, proving the value of religious faith and dedication.

The history of Saint David and the architectural splendor of the monastery bear witness to a traditional spiritual heritage that continues to inspire and encourage believers in every generation.

As our journey to the stunning Limni Evia and the Monastery of Saint David comes to an end, many were the slogans and messages that inspired us, the sense of blessed spiritual renewal was undeniable. “Solitary Tranquility, Spiritual Renewal” reflects the peace and inner rest we seek in the heavens of Lake Evia. The words “Dedication and Elevation of Spiritual Heritage” challenge us to discover the history and legacy of Saint David.

With hearts full and spirits renewed, we bid farewell to the group, but we carry with us the memories and experiences we gained. As we bid farewell to Limni Evia and the Monastery of Saint David, we commit to keeping alive the light of spiritual renewal and inner peace we found here, and to carry it into our everyday lives.

We invite you to join us on future excursions and visits. There are still many wonderful places to discover and spiritual experiences to share. Whether you’re a lover of history and culture or seeking adventure in natural landscapes and picturesque villages, Time for Trip is here to offer you an unforgettable travel experience. Contact us for more information about upcoming trips and our services. We look forward to hosting you for another memorable experience!

Thank you once again for your participation and the lovely time we spent together!

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